Wynne: Scientists's denial, not public ignorance of nano, causes mistrust

One speaker at this year's EuroNanoForum took a rather controversial stand:
" While ignorance is seen by many as the reason for public concern, Bryan Wynne from Lancaster University in the UK rejected this argument: 'Public ignorance is not the cause of mistrust and scepticism, this has been proved by Eurobarometer surveys. The cause is what as seen as a denial by scientists of scientific ignorance.' The novel nature of nanotechnology means that there are many knowledge gaps, and the 'well-meaning but mistaken behaviour of institutions involved in nanotechnology' leads to doubts, elaborated Professor Wynne."
We in the U.S. are certainly seeing some mistaken institutional behavior, reflecting an underestimation of the public's ability to address nanotech issues reasonably. Americans do not reject every technology featured in a Michael Crichton horror novel/film.–CP

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