16 hours inside a nanotech startup

from the nanogossip dept.
UpsideToday, the online Upside magazine, includes a long, detailed story by editor-in-chief Jerry Borrell on "16 hours in the life of Zyvex". Sounds like he was impressed with this company founded by Senior Associate Jim Von Ehr: It is, in fact, in this very field, according to Skidmore, that Zyvex is making stunning advances with four patents filed and three more in the works, some relating to the Zyvex "Rotapod," a technology and technique for the creation of self-assembling nanomachines. And although "machine" is a very sophisticated word to describe the relatively crude devices that Zyvex is developing at present, the analogy is apt. We've just had an inside presentation. I'm breathless. I had no idea the company was so far along…Something subliminal tells me that these scientists are beginning to get results that will allow one to see that they can do more than just contribute to general research. I speculate as to whether this company could be the kind of place that, years from now, hosts Nobel laureates.

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