1st Nanotoxicology Roadmap strategy published

To move forward with today’s nanomaterials, manufacturers need guidance on how to test for safety. The New York Times reports that first roadmap on how to proceed on this has now been published on the website of Particle and Fibre Toxicology [abstract], an online scientific journal.

“The lead author on the toxicology report is Günter Oberdörster, a toxicologist at the University of Rochester whose research has demonstrated that some nanoscale materials can migrate from the nose into the brain…The report focuses primarily on just one half of the risk ­ the likely toxic impact of nanoparticles in the body. There is little comment on how to study the second crucial issue, the actual risk of exposure, because there are currently few instances where people are directly exposed to the new materials.

” ‘It’s extraordinary that so much attention is being paid to health and safety risks at this early stage of development,’ said Michael R. Pontrelli, a lawyer in Boston who has been studying potential liability issues with the technology.”

Robert Bradbury points out that “many of these nanomaterials particle concerns are dealt with in Nanomedicine Vol. II A.

For another nanotech roadmap, come hear about the Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems at the Foresight Conference, Oct. 22-27. —CP

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