The Ultimate Tool?

from the promises-and-perils dept.
Chris Phoenix wrote Foresight to point out The Ultimate Tool?, the Sept. 9, 2002 issue of The Harrow Technology Report. "The 'Harrow Technology Report' recently included a blurb about nanotech assemblers, including a mention of my 'assembler timeline and weather forecast' [see Nanodot post of July 16, 2002] and a pointer to an article about the risks of assemblers [see Nanodot post of July 15, 2002]. Jeff Harrow appears to care about getting it right: when I wrote to point out that convergent-assembly manufacturing with tabletop factories would be fundamentally safe from gray goo worries (at least of the 'factory becomes rogue assembler' variety), he said he'd include a long clarification comment (more than a paragraph–he wants to give people background info) in the next report."

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