HP announcment: molecular electronics

from the moving-toward-molecular-memory dept.
WillWare writes "William R. Cousert posted a pointer to a story on MSNBC [alternate URL] indicating that HP will make an announcment tomorrow in Europe about further advances in the work they were doing with UCLA in January":

Molecular grids are the central concept in HP's nanotechnology plans. In HP's vision, layers of molecular strands, laid down in a crisscross fashion like city streets, will form a mesh of tiny, intelligent circuits… In 2001, the two institutions were awarded a patent that addressed one of the key hurdles in using grids: how to connect the molecular wires, which can measure six atoms wide, to the tiny wires found in computer chips, which can be 70 times thicker.

There is a follow-up story on Yahoo: HP Labs Creates Densest Memory Chip

There is also an extensive article on the New York Times website: "Hewlett Finds a Process to Make Chips Even Smaller", by John Markoff, 10 September 2002.

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