A brief report from Washington, D.C.

from the bordering-the-beltway dept.
A quick look of nanotechnology activity in and around the U.S. capital can be found in this short article in Washington Techway ("Nanotechnology: The tiny world of atoms," by A. Daniels, April 9, 2001). The article presents a regional view of nanotech policy and research in Washington, D.C. and nearby academic and government research centers in Virginia and Maryland. The article quotes Senior Associate Richard Smith, director of forecasts in science, technology, and engineering for Coates & Jarratt, Inc., in Washington, as well as officials from NSF, NIST, and MITRE.

Note: in the accompanying illustration of Drexlerís design for a fine-motion controller, the caption erroneously states "Drexler . . . has constructed a detailed molecular manipulator". This is incorrect. The FMC has only been modeled, not constructed . . . yet.

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