2015 Feynman Prize winner named 2018 Australian of the Year

It is always a pleasure when those whose work toward Feynman’s goal for nanotechnology—molecular manufacturing, defined as the construction of atomically-precise products through the use of molecular machine systems—whom we have recognized with a Foresight Institute Feynman Prize are subsequently also recognized by the wider community for the importance of their contributions. For example, Sir… Continue reading 2015 Feynman Prize winner named 2018 Australian of the Year

Blockchains, Cryptoeconomics, and Emerging Technology Risks

In writing for this blog, I am accustomed to rapid changes from one technological area to another, such as from DNA origami to de novo protein design to scanning probe microscopy to molecular machinery based on mechanically interlocked molecular architectures. The DNA and protein work overlaps with biotechnology, and we have always seen all these… Continue reading Blockchains, Cryptoeconomics, and Emerging Technology Risks

Automated synthesis expands nanotechnology building block repertoire

Iterative coupling, purification, and cyclization of a large collection of organic building blocks promises a vast array of complex small and medium sized molecules as candidates for drug discovery, catalysis, and nanotechnology.

Atomically precise manufacturing as the future of nanotechnology

A commentary over at Gizmodo argues that ideas about molecular manufacturing that sounded like science fiction in 1986 now sound more like science fact.

Are nanorobots and atomically precise manufacturing becoming mainstream nanotechnology?

The idea that nanorobots fabricated by atomically precise manufacturing processes are a likely part of our future, and that this is a good thing, is appearing more frequently, largely as a result of Drexler’s recent book Radical Abundance.

Biotech lab in the cloud lowers entry barrier to nanotech research

With biotech fundamental to several paths to advanced nanotechnology, a way to do biotech experiments in the cloud offers small groups the chance to quickly test their ideas.

TEDx talk: &#34Transforming the Material Basis of Civilization&#34

Eric Drexler’s TEDx talk entitled “A Future of Radical Abundance: Transforming the Material Basis of Civilization” is available for viewing on Youtube as well as on Drexler’s blog site. As described by the Oxford Martin School, where Drexler is a scholar with the Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology: Dr. Eric Drexler’s talk from… Continue reading TEDx talk: &#34Transforming the Material Basis of Civilization&#34

THE SINGULARITY film premiere at The Castro Theatre 09.16.13

Doug Wolens’s documentary “THE SINGULARITY: Will we survive our technology” premieres at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre September 16, 2013.

Proposed Brain Activity Map may also advance nanotechnology

A proposed large project to produce a dynamic map of the functional connectome of the human brain will require a convergence of neuroscience, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and computation, and may therefore spur the development of advanced nanotechnology leading to molecular manufacturing.

Foresight at Singularity University and in CNBC documentary

From Desiree D. Dudley, Foresight Director of Development and Outreach: 1)Foresighters Christine Peterson and Desiree Dudley will be speaking at NASA-Ames’ Singularity University this Monday night, August 13th, from 8-10pm. Presentations are from 8-9, and a Q&A panel with H+’s Amy Li and SU’s Jose Cordiero 9-10pm! Topics will include nanotech, biotech, life-extension, and our… Continue reading Foresight at Singularity University and in CNBC documentary

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