AFM gets 100 times faster, takes movies at Georgia Tech

From Roland Piquepaille, a useful summary, with pictures, of exciting new results at Georgia Tech. Even if you’re not very technical, this one is worth knowing about. Read Roland’s full story, but here’s an excerpt:

“Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have built a new device which is 100 times faster than current nano imaging technology. Not only the FIRAT (Force sensing Integrated Readout and Active Tip) is much faster than atomic force microscopy (AFM), it also is able to take movies and to simultaneously capture several physical properties of nanostructures, such as stiffness, elasticity or viscosity. In fact, the FIRAT probe, which works like a microphone, could one day replace AFM. As said one of the researchers, ‘We’ve multiplied each of the old capabilities by at least 10, and it has lots of new applications.’ “

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