Nanosurveillance to detect illegal drugs

From today’s Altair Nanotechnologies press release:

“The president and CEO of Altair Nanotechnologies (Altairnano), today urged the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation to provide increased federal funding for nanotechnology, suggesting that the initiative could be compared to the man-on-the-moon or Human Genome projects…

“As for the chemical/biological sensors, Altairnano continues its work with the universities of Western Michigan and Nevada-Reno to develop arrays capable of detecting a wide spectrum of potential explosives, chem/bio weapons and illegal drugs.”

I’m guessing that the students at those schools are going to be pretty surprised when the researchers there start testing their drug detectors on campus. I speculated on this prospect in my talk at University of Minnesota. Nanodot readers interested in this topic should drop us a note or post a comment below: Is nanosurveillance an issue that Foresight should be addressing? I think so. —Christine

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