Article cautions about but adds to the VC nanotech buzz

from the listening-to-the-buzz dept.
An article on the investment-oriented 123Jump website ("Nanotech: New Buzzword in the VC Arena", by Vanya Maneva, 21 January 2002) presents an engaging if largely superficial overview of the current investment climate generated by the increasing interest — and hype ñ surrounding nanotechnology:
"[N]anotech seems to be getting ready for prime time. Researchers, private companies and government agencies all over the world have all been recently rushing to gain leadership in this exciting race. More importantly, many venture capitalists see nanotech as the next big growth area, and not wanting to miss the 'nano' wave, have seriously begun investing in it."
The author concludes: "While bullish on nanotechís promise in general, and confident that it will lure its share of investment dollars, scientists and analysts caution that the sector may be a long way from practical success. Nanotechís impact on the market will depend on which sectors it becomes important [sic] and when that is likely to take place."

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