BBC looks at AI, robots, and nanotech

from the British-bravery dept.
Skevos writes "The current online version of the BBC's In Business radio program is a feature looking at the future of robotics, and the program deals with nanotechnology and AI as well. The content is probably nothing new to readers of nanodot, but it's interesting to hear these issues being explored (rather cautiously) by a mainstream broadcaster. The host speaks to Hans Moravec, Ray Kurzweil, Bill Joy, and others, and runs for just under 30 minutes.

You can find the Real Audio link to In Business here, or a direct link to the real audio file is here. I believe the program updates every Thursday, so the link probably won't work after Thursday 16 November 2000, or else it may lead to a different edition of the program. I recorded the show to a 6.6meg mp3 file for my own purposes, but I'm unaware of any easy or legal way of making it available to nanodot readers who miss out on it."

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