Biotech & Health Extension: Program

Foresight’s Biotech & Health Extension Group sponsored by 100 Plus Capital is a private group of scientists, entrepreneurs, and institutional allies, connected by a virtual group, who meet monthly to spur field-wide progress on technologies that fight aging and increase human healthspan. Meetings are private and may be off-the-record. Those that are recorded can be found on our video page.

In 2021 we focus on a year-long ecosystem accelerator to support high-impact work on health extension that would not otherwise get done. In the first half of 2021, we identify crucial areas in the health extension field that have strong multiplier effects for advancing progress. In the second half, we support promising approaches for solving those key areas via financial support, mentorship, and connection to relevant researchers, founders, and funders. See the keynote program below with mentors toward the bottom of this page. Apply to join with your idea, project, or company. You can also support to join.


January | Meet Group Members & Define Goals

February | Industry blindspots: What work is not incentivized that could dramatically advance progress on aging?

Focus: Tissue Rejuvenation via Plasma Dilution

March | Research perspective: What work is not incentivized that could dramatically advance progress on aging?

Focus: Brain Cell Replacement as the Cornerstone to Beating Aging

March | Focus area: Clinical trials & senolytics Q&A

April | Institutional perspective: What work could dramatically advance progress on aging from an NIA perspective? 

April | How to Fund and Build Geroprotectors

April | Focus area: Biomarker development for FDA-recognized diseases

May | Focus area: Platforms, tools, data analysis for long-term progress on aging research

May | Focus area: Thymus Rejuvenation Progress Update

June | Focus area: Biomarker and aging clock development needed to spur progress on aging

July  | Metrics for success: Biomarker standardization for long-term progress on aging

August | Focus area: Regenerative Medicine 

TAME Q&A: Lessons for progress on aging

Sept- Nov | Health Extension: Radical Progress Accelerator

Projects that seek to make foundational progress on health extension receive mentorship and financial grants to create a prototype that is presented for potential follow-on support. Our keynotes from Jan – Aug serve as an orientation for the level of ambition and potential focus areas your project could address. Rather than predictable incremental advances, your idea, if successful, would significantly advance field-wide progress on health extension. Final projects are presented to the main group and invited funders for follow-up support. 



Foresight Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is entirely funded by your donations and donations are tax-deductible in the US to the full extent provided by law. You can donate via wire transfer, check, credit card,  PayPal or major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, or ZCash. 

You may also send a check to Foresight Institute, 399 Webster Street, 94117, San Francisco CA, or get in touch at to work out other arrangements, such as wire transfer, and stock donations. Thank you on behalf of our staff, board, and volunteers.

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