Business leaders in Taiwan support nanotech programs

from the money-talks dept.
According to an article in the Taipei Times ("Business leaders learn about nanotechnology", by Chiu Yu-tzu, 22 January 2002), business representatives meeting in southern Taiwan on 21 January said that full support from the government and research organizations would be crucial to future industrial transformation, including nanotechnology.

More than 500 representatives of diverse industries attended a panel discussion held by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Kaohsiung to hear the latest information about nanotechnology research. According to the report, "Representatives said that they sensed signs of an economic recovery, but what they needed urgently was full support from both the government and research organizations to promote nanotechnology, which is innovative and will soon be closely linked to daily life. "

Highlighting the accelerating pace of nanotechnology activity in Taiwan, the meeting closely follows the dedication of a new national Center for Nanotechnology and rapid progress toward the development of an integrated nanotech development program (see Nanodot posts from 22 January, 10 January, and 7 January 2002).

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