Calif NanoSystems Institute holds $10,000 contest for script

The California NanoSystems Institute, in collaboration with the Professional Artists Lab, is co-sponsoring a contest for scripts involving science and technology themes, with a prize of $10,000. Deadline is December 15, 2005.

What’s the catch, you ask? There are two: (1) no screenplays; it must be a stage play script. More challenging is (2), with boldface in the original: “This competition is not open to plays written in the genre of science fiction.” So you need a submit a script for a stage play, presumably fiction, about science or technology, but it can’t be science fiction.

Well, this is a shame, because it’s quite hard to write good fictional scenarios about coming nanotechnologies that don’t sound like science fiction. So evidently we aren’t allowed to look forward in this contest; just backward or sideways.—Christine

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