California NanoSystems Institute starts joint venture in China

From an announcement by Zhejiang University in China: “On June 6th morning, 2005, a sign ceremony of establishment of Zhejiang-California International Institute of Nanotechnology was held at the State University Science Park of Zhejiang University. Being invested with 250 million RMB, the Institute is co-constructed by Zhejiang Provincial government, Zhejiang University and the US California Nano-Systems Institute, and it integrates the scientific research, fruit transfer and investing industrialization. The 100 million supported by the government is used to purchasing equipment, setting up research, international cooperation and soliciting human resource…At the Zijingang Campus, areas of 60 acres are planed to be used for construction of the international cooperation platform.” Sixty acres is a significant research campus. And remember, each nanotech research dollar goes six times farther in China.–CP

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