Confusion on 2006 NNI budget

Robert Bradbury brings our attention to Federal Research and Development Funding: FY2006. He writes: “Though the abstract mentions cutting the NNI by 2.5% to $1.1B the report itself mentions nanotechnology 4 times and several of those are in the context of specific areas that are to receive increased funding (so it isn’t clear to me precisely *what* is getting cut). This may require some investigation with the report authors who presumably have access to the detailed budget proposal.

“Also of note is that that overall Federal R&D proposed budget funding is cutting *real* Federal R&D spending for the first time in a decade. Of note is that Tom Friedman has mentioned twice in the NY Times that cutting the budget for agencies that give the U.S. our “cutting edge” (e.g. the NSF) is exactly the wrong thing to do. His recent editorial on how Ireland has become the ‘golden child’ of Europe through proper government priority setting is rather interesting.”

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