CALMEC executive offers views on molectronics potential

For a bit of perspective on the recent spate of advances in molecular electronics, there is an interview ("Nano panelist sees molecular devices and next step toward smaller, cheaper, faster devices", by Emily M. Smith) in the ASME News in which James J. Marek, Jr., president and chief executive officer of California Molecular Electronics Corp. (CALMEC; not to be confused with Houston-based Molecular Electronics Corporation, or MEC.), discussed his views on the implications and applications of molecular electronics technology. Marek was one of three experts on nanotechnology who participated in the keynote panel discussion at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition in New York on 12 November 2001.

(MEC, the firm established by James Tour, Mark Reed and their partners, has updated and expanded its website. It provides some useful background information about the firm.)

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