Life extension: taking those first steps

By |2017-06-01T14:16:55-07:00December 28th, 2009|About Foresight, Environment, Health, and Safety, Health & longevity, Life extension, Lifestyle, Meetings & Conferences, Nanodot, Opinion, Public participation, Questions for Nanodot Users, Senior Associates|

Longtime readers know that we at Foresight would prefer that our members, and Nanodot readers in general, actually live long enough to experience the benefits of molecular nanotechnology personally.  In [...]

Saving the Planet

By |2017-06-01T14:05:25-07:00July 24th, 2009|Biosphere, Environment, Health, and Safety, Healing/preserving environment, Lifestyle, Nanodot, Space|

The word "planet" means wanderer. The ancients, with their lives lived largely outdoors and without artificial lighting, were much more intimately acquainted with the heavens than are we moderns, unless [...]

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