Center for Nanotechnology Excellence opens in Moscow

As you read this, I should be arriving in Moscow (badly jetlagged) to keynote Interop Moscow. But I will also try to find the brand new Center for Nanotechnology Excellence here, which a June 11 story reports “officially opened last weekend.”

As I write this, the only web coverage of the Center is in form of stories about Oregon firm FEI, which is supplying equipment for it. (Kudos to the FEI PR team.)

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

“”Government nanotechnology investments were initially led by Europe,
North America and Japan,” commented Sean Murdock, executive director of the
US-based NanoBusiness Alliance. “Now countries such as Russia, China,
Brazil and India have joined the trend and are making significant
investments. As the nanotechnology era builds momentum, it is being
recognized not only as a tool for economic development, but the scale at
which all future scientific and product breakthroughs will take place. We
are excited that a US company such as FEI plays such a vital role in
enabling nanotechnology development around the world.”

Maybe I should contact FEI to find out where the new Center is. —Christine

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