MIT takes on nanotech & energy

Alan B. Shalleck of NanoClarity LLC writes of the potential of nanotechnology to address energy issues, Foresight Nanotech Challenge #1:

Nanotechnology is fundamental over the next 50 years to providing sufficient energy for a growing world and to protecting the environment in which we live. There is an energy/environmental storm gathering and we must pay attention. Our children’s’ and our grandchildren’s’ lives are at stake if we mess up the energy/environment issue. Under all practical solutions nanotechnology will play a critical role in any successful outcome. Just as we claim that nanotechnology will change our entire economic structure and our lives over the next decades, so will world energy demand and supply. The two are intimately intertwined.

Detailed energy data, options, nanotechnology involvement and intelligent discussion are appearing regularly from responsible institutions. Some of the best energy information has just been mounted on the web.

He’s referring to a recent meeting held at MIT, and gives links to the full report and videos. —Christine

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