Chinese mull obstacles to nanotech leadership

from the World-Watch dept.
An article in the Taipei Times ("Nanotechnology's promise hailed", by Chiu Yu-Tzu, 16 November 2001) in Taiwan reports on comments made by Liu Jong-min, general director of the Industrial Technology Research Institute's (ITRI) material research laboratories, at a recent international conference on nanotechnology held in Taipei. Liu said that Taiwan's manufacturing industry was one of the nation's great strengths, but that the shortage of highly-trained professionals in the nanotechnology field was worrisome. ITRI is the lead agency for Taiwanís program to establish a Center for Applied Nanotechnology Institute, as reported here on 18 July 2001.

Meanwhile, on the mainland, at a conclave of Hong Kong-based academics and researchers, concern was expressed over the lack of government funding for nanotechnology-related research efforts. This according to a report from the South China Morning Post (20 November 2001) was reprinted on the Small Times website.

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