Claim: China is now #2 in nanotech

From “China Moving Up in Nano World” in Smalltimes: “New findings from Lux Research Inc. say that trends in Chinese nanotech research have set the world’s largest nation on a course to challenge dominant nanotech players like the U.S., Japan, and Germany.

“The company says that China’s nanotech efforts would have broad-reaching implications for issues including energy independence, military capabilities, and development of the domestic high-tech sector.

“In particular, it found that China’s share of academic publications on nanoscale science and engineering topics rose from 7.5 percent in 1995 to 18.3 percent in 2004, taking the country from fifth to second in the world.

“In addition, it found that on an absolute basis, China’s estimated government nanotechnology spending of $250 million in 2005 lags countries like Germany and Japan. But when adjusted for purchasing-power parity — which takes account of China’s far lower infrastructure and labor costs — its spending is second only to the U.S.”

They’re focusing on relatively low-tech applications now, but no one should count on that staying the same. —Christine

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