Top 10 nano companies likely to go public

From the Sept/Oct issue of Nanotechnology Law & Business (subscription required), a piece titled “Top Ten Nanotechnology Companies Likely To Go Public.” In alphabetical order: Carbon Nanotechnologies, Insert Therapeutics, Konarka, Molecular Imprints, Nanodynamics, Nanofilm, Nanosys, Nano-Tex, Nantero, and Zyvex. Excerpt:

Zyvex unabashedly claims that it is ‘the most publicized nanotechnology business in the world.’ Founded in 1997, the company is primarily supported by investments from its founder and CEO, Jim Von Ehr. Zyvex also received a $25 million NIST award under the ATP program. The company maintains that its ultimate goal is development of a molecular assembler, a seemingly remote possibility at this time. Nevertheless, Zyvex has several early products. NanoSolve Materials product line enables customers to more effectively process carbon nanotubes for certain applications. Easton, for example, is using NanoSolve to integrate nanotubes into baseball bats. The company also sells a variety of tools for manipulation and testing of nanostructures. Perhaps most important to the prospect of an initial public offering, the company’s financial performance has continued to exceed expectations. In July 2005, the company had total revenue of $3.1 million — a 10% increase over plan and a 70% increase over the same period in 2004.”

Go Jim and John! But I hope they don’t go public too soon; it leads to excessive focus on this quarter’s results…—Christine

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