Commentary from Reason on RAFI report

from the View-from-another-shore dept.
Reason Magazine science correspondent Ronald Bailey makes a rather vituperative commentary ("Nanotech Negativism", 4 July 2001) on a what he terms is a " neo-Luddite report" from the Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) in February ("The ETC Century"). In particular, Bailey expresses concern that the concerns raised by groups such as RAFI, especially gray-goo scenarios, will create a "fear of nanotech will inspire authoritarian repression to monitor or prevent the research from proceeding." After noting ongoing efforts to envision effective countermeasures to abuse and misuse of replicating nanobots, Bailey takes particular exception to a suggestion for an international technology regulatory body: "It doesnít take much of an imagination to realize what such a cumbersome and highly politicized process would do to the pace of technological progress. Not even rampaging nanobots would be able to outgrow an expanding U.N. bureaucracy."

Bailey had similar comments on what he terms "a global anti-technology movement" in February.

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