EU-funded Nanologue project has been busy

The Nanologue project looking at societal aspects of nanotech has been very busy since its launch last spring. See their Mapping Study (and Appendix) and Background Paper (and Appendix), also their presentation at EuroNanoForum. An excerpt from the Mapping Study appendix summary of a RAND report: “Molecular manufacturing and Nanobots: no breakthrough until 2015 but integrated capability could be developed over the next 15 years.” A breakthrough in 10 years — sounds about right.

For the latest on nano policy, applications, research, join us Oct 22-27 for part or all of the Foresight Conference. (If the fees are a barrier, contact [email protected] to discuss a scholarship.) Discounted hotel rate expires this Friday, Oct. 14. Hope to see you at the meeting! –Christine

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