Get a job in nanotechnology

The montrously big employment website has a story on getting a job on nanotechnology, featuring, well, moi:

” ‘The good news is that you can come at nanotechnology from almost any technical direction,’ says Peterson. ‘The bad news is sometimes you need to go back to school.’

“Peterson, who counsels Foresight members on career issues, says she sees ‘a lot of software folks — dotcom-bust people — jaded with that field and wanting to do something new and exciting.” But ‘the jump from software to nano is a pretty big jump,’ she cautions. ‘Some people in software are good about bits, but they can’t think about atoms.’

“Those best positioned to enter the field include experts in materials science and applied chemistry as well as others ‘who have been thinking about molecules,’ as Peterson puts it.”

Websites which specialize in nanotech jobs include Working in Nanotechnology and Tiny Tech Jobs. You can also network for nanotech jobs at the Foresight Conference; discounted hotel rates end October 14. —CP

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