EuroNanoForum to include medical nanorobotics

EuroNanoForum 2005 will cover a number of advanced topics including "nanorobots in surgery." The timeframe of focus is 2020. Evening activities include a public debate. Read more for their most recent message. From: "[email protected]"
Subject: Europe's Premier Nanomedicine Conference of 2005

EuroNanoForum 2005

Nanotechnology and the Health of the EU Citizen in 2020

Europe's Premier Nanomedicine Conference of 2005

6th-9th September 2005 – Edinburgh, Scotland

Building on the success of the EuroNanoForum2003 event, the conference will bring together international speakers and delegates to discuss the nanotechnologies developed for healthcare that are relevant to a broad range of industries, such as:

ï Nanomedical imaging and contrast agents
ï Intelligent drug delivery systems
ï Smart biocompatible coatings
ï Whole cells as biosensors
ï Nanorobots in surgery
ï Medical textiles
ï New generation implants
ï Regenerative medicine, nanoscaffolds and substrate
ï Cantilever sensors
ï Nanotechnology and stem cell research
ï ëPoint of careí devices
ï Nanoparticle toxicology
ï Nanoparticles in clinical diagnostics

The conference will also offer international perspectives on nanotechnology innovations, risk assessment, tackling diseases in the developing world and addressing the needs of the ageing population.

As nanomedicine is considered one of the most beneficial areas of the growing nanotechnology market, attending EuroNanoForum2005 will ensure that you stay at the forefront of the nanotechnology revolution.

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