Nanotech export controls? Panel to advise US president

Tomorrow I'm serving on one panel and moderating another at Stanford Law School's event featuring nanotechnology. One issue we'll be examining with panelist Susan Kovarovics of Foley & Lardner is the potential for nanotech export controls: "Nanotechnologies that are likely to come under scrutiny include products that could be used to further or counter chemical and biological warfare and other weapons, Kovarovics said. The broad capabilities of nanotechnology could present problems for regulators or their advisers, she said. The challenge will be ensuring national security while avoiding undue regulation." This is going to be a huge issue, eventually. And it's being looked at now: "A panel that advises President Bush on export issues will explore whether nanotechnology needs regulating…The scope could range from restrictions on international trade to rules on staffing foreign nationals."

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