E&Y biotech report: Drexler & Kauffman on nanotech

from the biotech-today-nanotech-tomorrow dept.
A story in the San Francisco Chronicle reports on a new Ernst & Young "State of the Industry" report on biotech and some nanotech ($50). From the news story: "Biotech is also shaping up as a template for futuristic fields like nanotechnology, the effort to build machines of sub-microscopic size. Much of the E&Y report is organized as a series of conversations between visionaries including Eric Drexler, a leading proponent of nanotechnology, and Stuart Kauffman, a co-founder of the Santa Fe Institute and a guru of complexity theory. At one point in the report, Drexler and Kauffman suggest that nanomachines will have to be 'self-organizing systems,' governed by some inner logic…Of course, such pie-in-the-sky stuff always sounds more persuasive coming from an industry that's flush."

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