UC Berkeley & LBNL attempt to reverse aging

from the hurry-up-some-of-us-are-wrinkling dept.
Not until recently has it been acceptable in the medical research community to attempt to defeat the aging process, per se. (Instead one was supposed to view it as natural, and learn to live with it as healthily as possible.) Now, UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab have teamed up on the Center for Research and Education in Aging, with an endowment from BioTime: "Among the challenges that greet the dawn of this millennium is how can we maintain good health and postpone or reverse old age [emphasis added] along with its debilitating diseases…Research into the process responsible for aging remains seriously neglected…At CREA, innovative research, which too often goes unsupported, will be of prime interest." Donations are being accepted; tell 'em Foresight sent you.

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