Mac Davis

Mac Davis Machiavelli is a biohacker and gene therapy activist developing gene therapy for the masses.

Alexander Fedintsev

Alexander Fedintsev Alexander Fedintsev is a scientist and machine learning engineer. His scientific background lies in the field of bioinformatics, statistics, and machine learning. Alexander earned his M.S. in computer science from the National Research University “Moscow Power EngineeringInstitute”. Alexander worked in the Institute of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy as a bioinformatician. He also collaborated with professor… Continue reading Alexander Fedintsev

Nikola T. Markov

Nikola T. Markov Nikola is a bioinformatician at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. He is interested in the mechanisms of aging with special emphasis on brain aging. He applies multi-omics systems approaches to untangle the process of normal and pathological aging.

Tinka Vidovic

Tinka Vidovic Medical doctor and Ph.D. student interested in Molecular medicine, Bioinformatics, Machine learning, and Anti-aging research.

Maryna Polyakova

Maryna Polyakova Currently, she is using neuroimaging, fluid biomarkers and neuropsychological testing to define between different subtypes of disease, with an ultimate aim to improve treatments. Maryna is also interested in Personalized solutions that predict treatment efficiency in depression and progression of neurodegenerative diseases. Beside this she is currently teaching introduction to medicine with a… Continue reading Maryna Polyakova

Yuri Deigin

Yuri Deigin Yuri Deigin, MBA is a biotech entrepreneur with a focus on early-stage translation of scientific breakthroughs into therapies. He has over a decade of drug discovery and development experience, and a track record of outlicensing products to Big Pharma.

Juanita Matthews

Juanita Matthews Currently, she is doing a postdoc at Tufts University with Dr. Michael Levin at the Allen Discovery Center. Also she is working to understand novel bioelectric controls of cell-cell interactions. Specifically, ion channel modulation of glioblastoma and stem cell differentiation. Her other projects have involved altering cellular resting membrane potentials to control the… Continue reading Juanita Matthews

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