Foresight@Google: Moon Express CTO is Sunday Keynote, + Discount Codes


25th Anniversary Conference Celebration and Reunion Weekend

Google HQ in Silicon Valley, CA

June 25-26, 2011

Use code NANODOT for $50 off registration!

You already know our Saturday program kicks off with a keynote by

Zyvex founder/president JIM VON EHR

Now Foresight is also proud to announce our Sunday keynote:

BARNEY PELL, PhD – Cofounder and CTO, Moon Express

Chief Architect, Bing Local Search; Associate Founder and Trustee, Singularity University

The Moon-Rush is on and Dr. Barney Pell, well-known Silicon Valley entrepreneur and former NASA R&D Manager, has joined the race. As Co-Founder, Vice-Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Moon Express, Inc., Barney believes very strongly in the economic potential the Moon. He says “the Moon is Earth’s eighth continent. We have barely begun to explore the lunar surface and are already finding compelling evidence of resources that are very important to Earth”.

Moon Express is a privately funded lunar transportation and data services company created to establish new avenues for commercial space activities beyond Earth orbit. Selected last fall by NASA, Moon Express was awarded a lunar data services contract worth up to $10M, for the initial delivery order of the Innovative Lunar Demonstration Data (ILDD) program. In addition, the X PRIZE Foundation announced Moon Express as a competitor for the $30M Google Lunar X PRIZE, a competition to place a robot on the Moon’s surface that travels 500 meters and transmits high definition video, images and data back to Earth. Moon Express will be sending a series of robotic spacecraft to the Moon for ongoing exploration and commercial development.

Barney is excited to apply his expertise in artificial intelligence, search and spacecraft control to the exploration of the Moon and the search for lunar resources that can be of benefit to Earth. “It’s highly motivating for me to come back to my roots of space exploration as a commercial space entrepreneur at a time when the Moon is revealing compelling new secrets, he said. My career has been largely devoted to space and search technology and I can think of no more important place to focus my attention than on searching for new energy and resources for planet Earth.”

Confirmed speakers and panelists also include:

Halcyon CEO WILLIAM ANDREGG, CalTech’s WILLIAM GODDARD, NanoInk CTO MIKE NELSON, Paypal’s LUKE NOSEK, Stanford forecaster PAUL SAFFO, motor-molecule creator SIR FRASER STODDART, IBM’s THOMAS THEIS, emcee SONIA ARRISON and more…

Remember: use code NANODOT for $50 off registration.

Hope to see you there!

Desiree D. Dudley

Director of Development and Outreach

[email protected]

Christine Peterson


[email protected]

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