Free webinar on "Today's Pioneering Nanotechnology Companies"

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is offering a free webinar on “Today’s Pioneering Nanotechnology Companies: The Race for a Trillion Dollar Market“, presented by Foresight Senior Associate Tihamer “Tee” Toth-Fejel.

Today’s Pioneering Nanotechnology Companies:
The Race for a Trillion Dollar Market
A popular feature of SME’s annual NanoManufacturing Conference, now brought to you as a webinar!

October 8, 2008
12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. EDT

We can now buy over 800 products that incorporate nanotechnology, and that number will undoubtedly grow by the time this presentation is given. The U.S. government’s National Science Foundation estimates that within a decade, the total market impacts of nanotechnology will reach a trillion dollars. This market includes nanostructured materials ($340 billion), semiconductors and integrated circuits ($300 billion), pharmaceuticals ($180 billion), nanostructured catalysts ($100 billion) and nanotechnology-enabled aerospace products ($70 billion). But NSF did not even consider the cosmetics, agriculture, textiles, non-aerospace defense, and non-pharma medical. So their projections may be much to low–by a factor of two and a half (according to Lux Research).

When competing for survival, traditional manufacturing businesses will be wiped out by companies making superior nano-enabled products. This presentation will introduce 20 success stories of diverse companies that are nanotechnology pioneers—including some of the companies behind the $2.6 Trillion prediction. Undoubtedly some of these pioneers will become partners and suppliers to traditional manufacturers—perhaps yours?

Presented by Tihamer “Tee” Toth-Fejel

Tee is a senior research engineer, in the Innovative Intelligence Group of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems. Toth-Fejel has almost two decades of experience in advanced engineering development, from specification and design to implementation and analysis. He is experienced in writing proposals, and designing and implementing complex software for GUI, decision support and DB applications. Toth-Fejel has a BS in electrical engineering from Lehigh University and an MS in electrical engineering from University of Notre Dame.

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SPONSORED BY: The Nanomanufacturing Technical Group of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers


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