Freitas on "Tangible Nanomoney"

from the ununquadium-standard dept.
RobertBradbury writes "In this article,"Tangible Nanomoney," Robert A. Freitas, Jr., the Zyvex Research Scientist and IMM Research Fellow, whom we all know as the paradigm defining author of Nanomedicine, outlines possible strategies for developing tangible nanomoney. Are his proposals feasible and desirable? Should we be planning the nanomints of tomorrow?
This was originally published in the Nanotechnology Industries Newsletter. Kudos to Robert Bradbury for helping make it available on the web. Read More for more questions.

Related topics include whether there will be a need for nanomoney? Or will the future be one in which nanotechnology has eliminated the need to worry about the messy details of how to pay for things? (Replicator, Earl Grey please, warm…). Or will you need a hoard of nanomoney to use in independent enclaves like the Jupiterian Empire or the Triton Collective? How do you hide your nanomoney when the Green Party wins the world elections and bans the possession of Ta180m because of all the mine tailings its production produces? What say you all?"

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