Greece to trademark term "nanotechnology"

Nanowerk reports:

Taking the patent land grab to a new level, the government of Greece today, April 1, filed a patent and trademark application for the term nanotechnology with the European Patent Office. The country is thereby seeking the right to prevent third parties from commercially exploiting these and related terms without paying royalties.

“Quite honestly, we are sick and tired at the world’s incessant exploitation of our country’s cultural heritage and the fact that people make billions on the back of our amazing cultural achievements and the inventive talents of our great ancestors” said a spokesperson for the Hellenic parliament.
Notwithstanding the moral high ground the Greek government is trying to occupy, observers note that the real reason for this surprising move is very simple and very down-to-earth: money.
For readers in countries that don’t celebrate April 1: today is the day we play jokes on each other, including this story.  —Chris Peterson

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