Green Nanotech webcast this Wednesday

Green Nanotech webcast this Wednesday

In addition to the May 30 webcast on nanotech for space elevator applications, see this Wednesday a webcast from the Wilson Center on Green Nanotechnology policy:

“What policy incentives can they put in place to encourage a ‘green’ nanotechnology industry that uses energy efficiently and produces minimum waste? What can government do to promote development of nanotech applications that will safely clean up industrial pollution, improve solar energy, or purify water? How can current regulatory barriers—which may discourage the substitution of better nano-based alternatives for older, more hazardous chemicals and manufacturing processes—be overcome?”

One suggestion would be to focus on developing productive nanosystems. —Christine

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  1. Robin Low June 13, 2006 at 6:58 am - Reply

    Hi, we embed Nano-Bamboo Charcoal into our yarn which we use to make fabric and advanced cushioning socks.

    I believe there is much rewards for companies to encourage “Green” companies as the LOHAS ( industry has been thriving. With growing affulence, many people choose “greener and healthier” alternatives.

    As the Nano-industry is still relatively new, many people are misinformed and afraid of this technology. There are always news scaring people about how “hazardous” Nano-technology is, which deter people from trying out these new products.

    As Nano-technology is the study on how these smaller particles could enhance current technology, many products that is nano-based are just better products than conventional ones. The government should have some grants setup to help these emerging companies test their products to ensure the public that these products so not harm them in their intended usage.

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