"Green nanotechnology" webcast to highlight environmental benefits

If helping the environment is one of your top goals for nanotechnology — as it is for us here at Foresight — you may want to check out this Thursday’s nanotech webcast from the busy folks at the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies at the Wilson Center. They’re releasing a new report titled “Green Nanotechnology: It’s Easier Than You Think”, written by Karen Schmidt. Some background from their email:

The ability to eliminate waste and toxins from production processes early on, to create more efficient and flexible solar panels, and to remove contaminants from water is becoming an exciting reality with nanotechnology. This “green nanotechnology” involves designing nanoproducts for the environment and with the environment in mind. Green nano is not just a niche among a few scientists or environmentalists, but is commercially viable among businesses; the investment community has recognized these green nano advances as big business and rewarded corporate innovators. A recent article, Green is Gold, advises investors: “Nowhere is the vision of technology in the service of sustainability more promising than in the field of nanotechnology,” (Forex Market, 3/15/07).

The nanotech being described here is relatively near-term, but nano should be able to do even more for the environment later, as we move from materials to devices and on to atomically-precise clean nanomanufacturing. At some point we’ll be able to do some really impressive remediation as well. Now that’s our idea of high technology! —Christine

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