Ideas for a fresher Foresight logo?

Keck writes "Foresight's logo has served us well for many years, and I'm sure many long-time members are very attached to it. But I've noticed on orkut that it's one of the duller logos around these days, entirely lacking in color and textural depth, and relatively text-heavy. Perhaps many would like to scoff at such superficial considerations, and it could even be argued that the current logo should remain defiantly retro, as it subtly testifies to Foresight's remarkable age and consistent message. But I'd like to spark a discussion about it.

Can and should the existing logo by reinvigorated by at least adding some color? Should the texty-ness also be lowered? Are there any more radical suggestions for a new logo, perhaps incorporating a bio-medical motif? Or should we just leave well enough alone? What do you think?"

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