Forbes features nanotech as cover story

In a feature cover story for its 23 July 2001 issue, Forbes Magazine highlights nanotechnology, and profiles six research efforts working in various parts of the field ("The Next Small Thing", by Elizabeth Corcoran, 23 July 2001). Those profiled include Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer at IBM, inventors of the scanning transmission microscope (STM) who are now working to apply that technology to very high-density data storage; Harvard chemist George M. Whitesides; Angela Belcher of the University of Texas; Harold Craighead of Cornell's Nanobiotechnology Center; and Stanley Williams of HP Labs, James Heath at UCLA, and Mark Reed of Yale. The research covered ranges from nanobiotech to self-assembly to molecular electronics.

Note: Access to the magazine content is free, but may require registration.

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