Intelligent Cooperation Group:

A group of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs in computer science, ML, cryptocommerce, and related fields who leverage those technologies to improve voluntary cooperation across humans, and ultimately AIs. Meetings are private and may be off the record. Those that are recorded can be found in our seminar summaries page.

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Recordings, written summaries and slides of previous keynotes

Chris Berg, RMIT University
Oliver Sauter,
Cryptopaleoinstutionality, Memex, Regen

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Jamie Joyce, Society Library
Darren Zhu,
Philipp Koepellinger, Desci Labs
Niklas Rindtorff, LabDAO
Eugene Leventhal, Smart Contract Research Forum
DeSci: Progress, Challenges, Integration with Legacy Institutions
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David Ernst, Founder and CEO of Liquid US
Eduardo Beltrame, Bioengineering PhD from Caltech
Tom Bell, Professor at Chapman University School of Law
New Sovereignties Focus
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2022 Group launch: Your Intelligent Cooperation Goals
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Mark S. Miller, Agoric
Christine Peterson, Foresight
Progress on Intelligent Cooperation in 2021
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Richard Mallah, Future of Life Institute
Georgios Kaissis, Technical University of Munich: Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Q&A on AI & Privacy Preserving Machine Learning
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Christine Lemmer-Webber, Spritely Institute
Randy Farmer, Playable Worlds
Re-Decentralizing Networked Communities and the Spritely Institute
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Zhu Xiaohu, Center for Safe AGI
Ontological anti-crisis and AI safety
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Anders Sandberg, Oxford University
Game Theory of Cooperating w. Extraterrestrial Intelligence & Future Civilizations
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Gernot Heiser, Trustworthy Systems Research Group
SeL4: Formal Proofs for Real-World Cybersecurity
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David Friedman
James Bennett
Space Development Property Rights & Legal Considerations
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Peter Norvig, Google
Ai: A Modern Approach
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David Krakauer, Santa Fe Institute
Collective Computing: Learning from Nature
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Gillian Hadfield, University of Toronto
Incomplete Contracts & AI Alignment
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Kate Sills, Agoric
NFTs and Engineering Property Rights
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David Brin, Author of The Transparent Society
Transparent Society & Sousveillance
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Daniel Ellsberg, Author of Doomsday Machine
Nuclear Risks: Doomsday (Still) Hiding in Plain Sight
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Richard Craib, NumerAI
Staking, Signals, and Other Techniques for Intelligence Coordination
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Jim Epstein
Primavera De Filippi
Brewster Kahle
A Peaceful Transition into Cryptocommerce?
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Robin Hanson, George Mason University
Anthony Aguirre, Metaculus
Paul Gebheim, Augur
Thomas Pfeiffer, Replication Markets
Chris Hibbert, Agoric
Martin Koeppelmann, Gnosis
Prediction & Replication Markets, Augur, Metaculus, Gnosis, Oracle Problems, Beauty Contests
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Matan Field
Jazear Brooks
Patrick Joyce
Esteban Ordano
Tyler Golato
DAOs: DAOstack, Decentraland, SifChain, ResearchHub, VitaDAO
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Zooko Wilcox, ECC
Howard Wu, Aleo
Zero-knowledge-enabled Cooperation: Halo 2 & Aleo
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Chip Morningstar
Meng Weng
Federico Ast
Split Contracts, Comp. Law & Decentralized Arbitration
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Alex Tabarrok, George Mason University
Dominant Assurance Contracts to Innovate Our Way Out of Market-failures
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Glen Weyl, RadicalxChange
Social Technology for a Political Economy of Increasing Returns
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Marc Stiegler, Object-capabilities Computer Scientist
The Digital Path & Blockchain for Secure Title Registries
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Arthur Breitman, Tezos
Blockchain Governance
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Audrey Tang, Taiwan Digital Minister
Tools for Openness: Asia & Beyond
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Tyler Cowen, George Mason University
Stubborn Attachments
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Dr. Vernon Smith, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
Classical Theory of Price Discovery in Markets
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Andrew McAfee, MIT Sloan School of Management
Civilizational Progress: Accelerating Its Drivers
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Balaji Srinivasan, Andreessen Horowitz
Network State
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Robin Hanson, George Mason University
A Simple Model of Grabby Aliens
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Mark S. Miller, Agoric
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Robin Hanson, George Mason University
Value Drift & Futarchy: Vote Values but Bet Beliefs
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Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute
Christine Peterson, Foresight Institute
Mark S. Miller, Agoric
Intelligent Cooperation Intro
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