Intelligent Cooperation Group: Program

Leveraging computer science, cryptocommerce, and related fields to build a future defined by intelligent cooperation. We explore innovations that support cooperation across a diversity of agents pursuing a diversity of goals, that offer decentralized defenses against automated physical and digital threats, and that extend such architectures to include emerging intelligences.  Meetings are private and may be off-the-record. Those that are recorded can be found in our lecture summaries. Apply to join. Support to join.

January | Introduction & Goals

February| Coordinating Entities with a Variety of Goals

February | The Network State

March| Civilization: A Human-aligned Superintelligence 

March | Stubborn Attachments

March  | Opening Up

April & May  | Crypto Innovations that Enhance Cooperation

DAOs: DAOstack, Decentraland, SifChain, ResearchHub, VitaDAO

June | Evolving Toward Cryptocommerce

July | Defense Against Automated Physical Threats

August | Defense Against Automated Digital Threats

September | Cooperation with Artificial Intelligences

October | Space Resource Distribution

November | Long-term Dynamics of Intelligent Games

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