Intelligent Cooperation Group: Program

Leveraging computer science, cryptocommerce, and related fields to build a future defined by intelligent voluntary cooperation.

DAOs: DAOstack, Decentraland, SifChain, ResearchHub, VitaDAO
Matan Field,

Esteban Ordano,

Jazear Brooks,

Patrick Joyce,

Tyler Golato,
Prediction Markets: Concepts, (D)Applications, Problems
Robin Hanson,
George Mason University

Anthony Aguirre,

Paul Gebheim,

Martin Koeppelmann,

Chris Hibbert,
June | Evolving Toward Cryptocommerce Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive
Primavera de Filippi, Harvard University Jim Epstein, Reason
July | Defense Against Automated Physical Threats Daniel Ellsberg, Author of Doomsday Machine
August | Defense Against Automated Digital Threats Kate Sills, Agoric
David Brin, Author of The Transparent Society
September | Cooperation with Artificial Intelligences Kristen Carlson, Harvard Medical School Peter Norvig, Google
Gillian Hadfield, University of Toronto
Ali Yayha, Andreessen Horowitz
October | Space Resource Distribution David Friedman,
Author of The Machinery of Freedom
James Bennett,
Board of Directors, Foresight Institute
Long-term Dynamics of Intelligent Games Anders Sandberg, Oxford University

Seminar Summaries

Recordings, written summaries, and slides

Chip Morningstar
Meng Weng
Federico Ast
Split Contracts, Comp. Law & Decentralized Arbitration
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Alex Tabarrok, George Mason University
Dominant Assurance Contracts to Innovate Our Way Out of Market-failures
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Glen Weyl, RadicalxChange
Social Technology for a Political Economy of Increasing Returns
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Marc Stiegler, Object-capabilities Computer Scientist
The Digital Path & Blockchain for Secure Title Registries
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Arthur Breitman, Tezos
Blockchain Governance
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Audrey Tang, Taiwan Digital Minister
Tools for Openness: Asia & Beyond
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Tyler Cowen, George Mason University
Stubborn Attachments
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Dr. Vernon Smith, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
Classical Theory of Price Discovery in Markets
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Andrew McAfee, MIT Sloan School of Management
Civilizational Progress: Accelerating Its Drivers
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Robert Axelrod, University of Michigan
An Agent-Based Model of Political Polarization
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Balaji Srinivasan, Andreessen Horowitz
Network State
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Robin Hanson, George Mason University
A Simple Model of Grabby Aliens
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Mark S. Miller, Agoric
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Robin Hanson, George Mason University
Value Drift & Futarchy: Vote Values but Bet Beliefs
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Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute
Christine Peterson, Foresight Institute
Mark S. Miller, Agoric
Intelligent Cooperation Intro
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