Interactive map of U.S. nanotechnology

The ever-busy folks at the Wilson Center’s Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies send word of yet another of their subprojects: a nanotechnology map or “NanoMetro mashup”. Alex Parlini writes:

As of this afternoon, I’ve posted a google maps mashup that shows all publicly declared companies, organizations etc working with nanotechnology. To my knowledge, nobody has done this and made it publicly available.

It’s available linked directly

David Rejeski explains:

“This map is drawn from publicly available information in key databases and it is not complete,” according to Rejeski. “We know there is a lot more nanotech commercial and research activity than is reflected here. But this is a first attempt to show that nanotechnology is not a Silicon Valley or Boston Route 128 phenomena. Nanotechnology increasingly is on Main Street everywhere. As the Project receives new data, we plan to update the map to provide the best possible depiction of this country’s emerging nanotechnology landscape.”

It’s true that nanotech is not a Silicon Valley phenomenon — but three of the top four NanoMetro cities are in the SF Bay Area, which is why Foresight is here also. You can see us on the map! If your nano company/lab/organization is not listed, send it in.

It’s fun to zoom in and see exactly who is where. This is easier if you use the search function under the map to get started. Enjoy! —Christine

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