Key to national success in nanotechnology: Integrated development

Nanostart Investments based in Germany has an interview with Eric Drexler in Issue 3 of their NanoStart! magazine (PDF). One topic addressed is how nations compare and how they can succeed as nanotech goes forward. In Q&A format, here’s an excerpt:

Are there any major differences between continents and single countries with regard to progress in nanotech research?

Relevant work today is distributed across Europe, the U.S., and Asia, with no really clear leader. It is important to remember that is not so much a scientific research project, as it is a science-intensive technology development process. I believe that the key to the next major advances will be the organization of teams able to bring diverse capabilities together in a focused and integrated development process. This will require a unification of techniques from the molecular sciences with perspectives and processes from the world of engineering.

He also explains the role of Foresight: “One of the key aims of Foresight over the past two decades has been to provide a gathering place for people of diverse backgrounds and experiences to meet and discuss our collective future.” You’re invited to join. —Christine

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