Nanotechnology's American Academy of Nanomedicine not just for Americans

Last time I checked, and it wasn’t long ago, I couldn’t find a website for the American Academy of Nanomedicine, but now they are up and running, and you can join.

In fact, despite the premature use of the past tense on the meeting website, there’s still time to attend their Second Annual Scientific Meeting in the DC/Baltimore area.

What is nanomedicine? Robert Freitas Jr. explained in their first journal issue:

The early genesis of the concept of nanomedicine sprang from the visionary idea that tiny nanorobots and related machines could be designed, manufactured, and introduced into the human body to perform cellular repairs at the molecular level. Nanomedicine today has branched out in hundreds of different directions, each of them embodying the key insight that the ability to structure materials and devices at the molecular scale can bring enormous immediate benefits in the research and practice of medicine.

It’s not just for Americans. Represented on the editorial board are Austria, China, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. And they’re still new.

Tell them Foresight sent you. —Christine

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