LA Times features nanotechnology debate

All this week, NanoBusiness Vice President Aatish Salvi debates nanotechnology with the Center for Technology Assessment’s George Kimbrell over at the LA Times online. An excerpt from the former:

Realizing the benefits of nanotechnology will take time. That should come as no surprise. Nanotech is trying to solve some of the hardest and most meaningful challenges in our world today. We have been spoiled by the Internet boom, which taught us to expect massive, explosive technological growth and multibillion-dollar companies emerging practically overnight from a garage with a computer and a 20-year-old. Nanotech isn’t about a better way to sell books and CDs, it is about solving the problems fundamental to the survival of the human race. Success in defeating those challenges and creating a new industrial economy is going to require the dedication, innovation and creative energy that we showed as a nation during the Apollo project. Responsible development is critical, but ignoring the need for this technology in the face of nebulous and poorly defined fears would be truly hazardous.

Check out the debate to see the response. Each day, one of them makes a statement, and the other responds. —Christine

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