Many companies trying to treat cancer using nanotechnology

In “Nanotech Puts Cancer In The Cross Hairs” at, Josh Wolfe describes the approaches of a number of companies developing nanotechnology-based treatments for cancer. Although only a snapshot of an area of intense activity, this overview highlights a number of the important issues.

Unfortunately, when it comes to treating cancer, modern medicine is still in its infancy. By and large, we still rely on debilitating chemotherapy regimens which take a shotgun approach to curing cancer by essentially poisoning patients in an effort to eradicate tumors.

But nanotech represents a bright spot in the fight against cancer. Researchers are increasingly turning to new, innovative therapies, based on particles measuring less than 200 nanometers. At that scale, particles passively target weaker-walled cancer cells and help localize treatment, increasing its effectiveness while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.


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