H+ Summit "Rise of the Citizen Scientist" at Harvard

If you can’t make it to Harvard this weekend, June 12-13, you’ll want to catch the live webcast of the H+ Summit: “Rise of the Citizen Scientist”.  No link yet, but presumably they’ll be putting it on the event homepage before it starts.  Also presumably they will post the videos somewhere for longer-term viewing. UPDATE:… Continue reading H+ Summit "Rise of the Citizen Scientist" at Harvard


The Burj Dubai opens today.  It’s the worlds tallest building at about half a mile high. Except for being only half as high, it resembles Frank Lloyd Wright’s mile-high tower in overall shape — but of course the Burj is real.  From what I can tell, it could not only house but form the complete… Continue reading Towers

Life extension: taking those first steps

Longtime readers know that we at Foresight would prefer that our members, and Nanodot readers in general, actually live long enough to experience the benefits of molecular nanotechnology personally.  In that vein, we bring to your attention America’s Wellness Challenge, which I am helping as a member of their Social Media Advisory Board. If you… Continue reading Life extension: taking those first steps

Saving the Planet

The word “planet” means wanderer. The ancients, with their lives lived largely outdoors and without artificial lighting, were much more intimately acquainted with the heavens than are we moderns, unless we specialize in astronomy. They noticed that although there was a fixed pattern of stars for the most part, some of them wandered around in… Continue reading Saving the Planet

Why we need Fab

I suspect many readers have seen Neil Gershenfeld’s TED talk on fab labs, or read his book. In particular, notice the part where he comments that fabs are following the track of computers, currently in the minicomputer stage. You can see the same progression in my keynote for a SME meeting a couple of years… Continue reading Why we need Fab

Early Retirement

Last week at AGI-09, I chaired a one-day workshop on the future of AGI. (“AGI” means Artificial General Intelligence, which is essentially what the term “AI” meant before 1980: the attempt to build a system that would be the equivalent of a human in its thinking abilities, displaying a robust ability to think, converse, exhibit… Continue reading Early Retirement

Transparent electronic displays and "e-paper" through nanotechnology

A method of depositing dense arrays of highly aligned carbon nanotubes on either rigid or flexible substrates promises transparent nanotech transistors for a variety of electronic applications.

Study of the FDA's ability to regulate nanotechnology-based dietary supplements to be released

How well prepared is the FDA to regulate nanotech products? Perhaps not very well, at least in the area of dietary supplements.

Uncertainty over safety of nanotechnology in consumer products

It is not clear that there is any real danger from the nanotech products currently in use, but neither is there convincing proof that all are safe.

A better raincoat through nanotechnology

A nanotech technique that can coat any number of common fabrics with a layer of silicone nanofilaments appears ready to produce durable, completely waterproof clothing.

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