Live webcast on Green Nano this Thursday

Check out the Wilson Center website this Thursday, February 16, at 2-3 PM Eastern time for the first event of the Green Nano series, sponsored by the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies:

“The GreenNano series aims to advance development of clean technologies using nanotechnology, to minimize the environmental and human health risks associated with the manufacture and use of nanotechnology products in general, and to encourage replacement of existing products with new nano products that are more environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle. The series is designed to explore everything from new nanotechnology products claiming to be better for the environment — because of saved energy, reduced waste, or safer materials used — to smart engineering and business practices. It will look at government policies that offer incentives for developing such low-risk practices.” (Full PDF of press release)

The focus is on near-term nanotech, but the general push for cleaner technologies will eventually lead to the development of productive nanosystems for manufacturing (and recycling) with atomic precision. —Christine

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