Magic Nano: neither magic nor nano

From Joanne Shatkin of Cadmus Group:

“The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), has found that nanoparticles were not the cause of the respiratory problems experienced by users of Magic Nano, in fact, the product does not contain nanoscale particles. Magic Nano was labeled as such because it forms a “wafer thin film” on the surface it is sprayed on: .

“This is good news for the nanotechnology industry, but does give warning to those using ‘nano’ as a marketing tool. The German government acted quickly and responsibly to determine the whether nanoparticles were the cause of the
severe respiratory reactions by users, yet it still took over two months to learn whether the product contained nanoparticles. An important next step would be to ask manufacturers listed in the Woodrow Wilson Center Consumer Prodcut inventory what about their products makes them ‘nano.’ ”

Thanks, Joanne. This whole brouhaha has been frustrating to those of us interested in real nanotech. —Christine

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