Public participation in nanotechnology planned

I’m out in DC for the Public Participation in Nanotechnology Workshop (pdf), just completed. The group of 150 was a mix of academics, government officials, some miscellaneous stakeholders (such as me on behalf of Foresight), a few researchers, and a small number of businessfolks including Jim Von Ehr of Zyvex. It was a two-day conference mixing lectures and brainstorming breakouts. All the lectures and Q&A were audiotaped and should be posted; the breakouts had extensive notetaking which will also presumably be made available. I’ll let you know when I hear that they are available.

In case you are invited to a meeting of this type: whatever you do, don’t imply that the public needs educating. This is now called the “Public Understanding of Science” model of interaction. This might sound like a positive thing, but no! The correct model must always involve a two-way interaction: remember that and you’ll stay out of trouble. —Christine

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