Major nanotech advance claimed by Ansatus: but is it real?

A claim of a big nanotech advance has been received here at Nanodot, and we pass it along for your review and comment. From the Ansatus website (emphasis added): “The dGrids™ technolgy enables researchers to rapidly integrate self-assembled nanoscale structures into their experiments to leverage precise placement with high yields and all for less than the cost of an exotic enzyme kit. The key advantage of the dGrids™ technology is the ability to create vast numbers of pure, identical copies of a rounded 6×6 grid in one reaction volume…Each dGrid is ~80nm wide… Each site on the grid can be independently and uniquely functionalized with DNA, proteins, quantum dots, or any  water soluble moiety…Researchers have been able to use the dGrids™ technology to create nanoscale patterns of proteins as a proof-of-concept demonstration of the new technology.” Impressive, if true. But there’s almost no other info on the site. It seems to be owned by 18th Street Innovations, which appears to be a CMU Robotics Institute spinoff doing just-in-time ASIC fabrication in Gibsonia, PA. Can anyone advise on this? If this is real work, it’s worth paying attention to, but the skimpy website is making me a bit skeptical. Apologies in advance if it is real, and if so, I’ll offer some free advice on how to get that across on the Ansatus site. –CP

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